5 Paise 1967-1971: Current Value Price

5 Paise 1967-1971: It is an informative article related to the old coin value of 5 Paise which was introduced after the Republic of India (Bharat) in 1967 and 1971. Let’s identify the 5 paise coin and its specifications, and the corresponding recent old coin market value.

5 Paise 1967-1971
5 Paise 1967-1971

Details of 5 Paise 1967-1971

Here are the complete details about the 5 Paise Old Coin

Type of CoinStandard circulation coin
Published Year1967 and 1971
Material UsedAluminum-magnesium
Diameter22 mm
Weight1.5 gm
Face Value5 Paise
5 Paise 1967-1971

The 5 Paise Old Coin, originating from India, is a standard circulation coin published from 1967 to 1971 by the government of India, crafted from Aluminum-magnesium, with a diameter of 22 mm, weighing 1.5 gm. Its distinctive square shape bears a face value of 5 Paise.

Old Coin Value of 5 Paise of 1967 – 1971

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Coin Value of 5 Paise  of 1967 – 1971

5 Paise published Year and MintFineVery fineUNC
5 Paise Coin 1967 Bombay Mint, Calcutta Mint₹10₹30₹25 to ₹30
5 Paise Coin 1967 Hyderabad Mint₹15₹25₹45 to ₹50
5 Paise Coin 1968 Bombay Mint, Calcutta Mint₹5₹10₹45 to ₹50
5 Paise Coin 1968 Hyderabad Mint₹15₹25₹45 to ₹50
5 Paise Coin 1969 Bombay Mint₹120₹225₹250 to ₹350
5 Paise Coin 1970 Bombay Mint, Calcutta Mint₹30₹50₹80 to ₹100
5 Paise Coin 1970 Bombay, Calcutta, Hyderabad Mint₹5₹10₹15 to ₹20
5 Paise 1967-1971

 Conclusion: 5 Paise 1967-1971

In conclusion, this article provides comprehensive details about the 5 Paise coin, circulated in India between 1967 and 1971. Crafted from Aluminum-magnesium and featuring a square shape with a diameter of 22 mm, the coin weighs 1.5 gm and holds a face value of 5 Paise. The article emphasizes the rarity and value of these coins in today’s Coin Market, along with a detailed currency price list based on their condition, mint, and year of issue.

FAQs: 5 Paise 1967-1971

Q: Why are 5 Paise coins from 1967-1971 considered rare and valuable?

A: These coins are deemed rare and valuable due to factors such as limited circulation, historical significance, and material composition.

Q: What is the significance of the square shape of the 5 Paise coin?

A: The square shape is a distinctive feature of these coins, making them unique in design compared to other standard coins.

Q: How can one determine the value of their 5 Paise coins using the provided price list?

A: The market values listed in the article vary based on the coin’s condition, mint, and year of issue.

Q: Are there specific mint marks on these coins that affect their value?

A: The article mentions different mints (Bombay, Calcutta, Hyderabad), and variations in minting years and conditions significantly impact the coin’s value.

Q: Is there a recommended process for selling 5 Paise coins to authentic old coin buyers?

A: The article provides an end-to-end process for selling old coins to dealers, emphasizing the importance of authenticating and connecting with trustworthy buyers.

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