H mark Coin Value of 1 Rupee Coin 1985

1 Rupee Coin 1985: It is an informative article related to the old coin value of 1 Rupee which was introduced after the Republic of India  (Bharat) in 1985. Let’s identify the 1 Rupee coin, its specifications, and the corresponding recent old coin market value.

Details of the 1 Rupee Old Coin

Here are the complete details about the 1 Rupee Old Coin

Type of CoinCommon coin
Published Year1982-1991
Material UsedCopper Nickle
Diameter26 mm
Weight6 gm
Face Value1 Rupee
1 Rupee Coin 1985
1 Rupee Coin 1985

The 1 Rupee Old Coin originated from India in 1982-19914, It is a common coin made of Copper nickle, and its diameter is 26 mm, the weight of the coin is 6 gm, which is a circle shape, and its face value is 1 rupee.

Old Coin Value of 1 Rupee Coin 1985

Do you know the value of 1 Rupee coin of 1985? then let me tell you that these coins are very rare and valuable coins nowadays. That you should collect for your big opportunity.

This is a great article for you if you already have any coins. Here we clearly discussed your coin and its significance and the current market value of the old coin, which you can sell out your coin to the authentic old coin buyer.  Here are the complete details about the end-to-end process of selling the old coin to the dealer and the contact information of the old coin buyer.

Coin Value of 1 Rupee Coin 1985

If you have a 1985 Rs 1 coin with an ‘H’ mark, it has the potential to give you big returns. As per the report, a 1985 Rs 1 coin with the ‘H’ mark has to be valued at Rs 2.5 lakh.

Conclusion: 1 Rupee Coin 1985

In conclusion, the 1 Rupee coin of 1985 holds significant historical and monetary value in the present day. Crafted from ferritic stainless steel with a diameter of 21.93 mm and a weight of 4.85 gm, this standard circulation coin is a prized possession for collectors. Its rarity, especially if it bears the ‘H’ mark, elevates its market value considerably, with reports suggesting a potential valuation of Rs 2.5 lakh. For coin enthusiasts, this article serves as a comprehensive guide, detailing the specifications of the coin and providing insights into the process of selling such rare pieces to authentic coin buyers.

FAQs: 1 Rupee Coin 1985

Q: How do I identify if my 1985 1 Rupee coin has the ‘H’ mark?

A: The ‘H’ mark is typically found on the coin’s obverse side, near the year of issue. Inspect your coin closely, and if present, it enhances its value significantly.

Q: Are all 1985 1 Rupee coins valuable, or only those with the ‘H’ mark?

A: While all 1985 1 Rupee coins are collectible, those with the ‘H’ mark are particularly sought after and can fetch higher returns in the market.

Q: How can I sell my 1985 1 Rupee coin to an authentic buyer?

A: To sell your coin, research reputable coin dealers or numismatic experts. Ensure they are credible, and consider getting your coin authenticated before the sale.

Q: Are there any other factors that contribute to the value of the 1985 1 Rupee coin?

A: Yes, factors such as the coin’s condition, rarity, and historical significance can also influence its market value.

Q: Can I find information about coin buyers in this article?

A: While the article provides insights into the process of selling old coins, it’s advisable to conduct further research to find authentic coin buyers and verify their credentials before engaging in any transactions.

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