Coin Value of 20 Paise 1982-1997

In this article, we will cover the old coin value of 20 paise 1982-1997 which was introduced after the republic of India (Bharat) in 1982-1997. we will see in this post, 20 paise coin specification, price of 20 paise from 1982 to 1997 and their other important information that will help old coin seller to sell these coins in coin market.

Value of 20 Paise 1982-1997

Details of the 20 Paise 1982-1997 Old Coin

Here are the complete details about the 20 Paisa Old Coin

issued byRBI
Type of CoinStandard circulation coin
Published Year1982-1997
Material UsedAluminum
Diameter26 mm
Weight2.2 gm
Face Value20 Paise
Current Value📞917719184946
Value of 20 Paise 1982-1997

The 20 Paisa Old Coin originated from India in 1982-1997, It is a standard circulation coin made of aluminum, and its diameter is 26 mm, the weight of the coin is 2.2 gm, which is hexagonal shapes, and its face value is 20 Paise. 

Let’s discuss the second valuable coin, minted in 1982 AD, crafted in the workshops of Kolkata and Hyderabad. On the top of the coin, the inscription “World Food Day” in English is prominently displayed. Upon examining the second section of the coin, the Ashoka Pillar is visible on the obverse, with the words “Bharat” and “India” written in both Hindi and English. Additionally, the denomination of 20 paise is clearly marked in both Hindi and English.

Old Coin Value of 20 Paisa of 1982-1997

Do you know the value of 20 Paisa coins of 1982-1997? then let me tell you that these coins are very rare and valuable coins nowadays. That you should collect for your big opportunity.

This is a great article for you if you already have any coins. Here we clearly discussed your coin and its significance and the current market value of the old coin, which you can sell out your coin to the authentic old coin buyer.  Here are the complete details about the end-to-end process of selling the old coin to the dealer and the contact information of the old coin buyer.

Coin Value Price of 20 Paisa of 1982-1997

The 20 Paise coin from 1982-1997 holds varying values based on its condition, it is worth ₹400 to ₹400 in UNC (Uncirculated) condition.

How to sell 20 Paisa of 1982-1997

If you have this type of coin, its face value is only 20 Paisa of 1982-1997, but actually the current coin bazaar market buying this coin at a high auction price. If you want to sell it, follow the below steps:

  • Send coin images to old coin buyer whatsapp number 917719184946
  • Ask for evaluation and current price
  • Follow the registration process by sending a few details and address proof.
  • Call if you are interested in bargaining or having any doubt.
  • Verify if coin buyers are genuine or not.
  • Make a deal and sell your coin.

Conclusion: 20 Paise 1982-1997

To sum up, the Indian 20 Paisa coin minted between 1982 and 1997 carries both historical importance and significant worth in today’s collecting community. These distinct hexagonal aluminum coins, skillfully crafted, display the inscription World Food Day and the renowned Ashoka Pillar on the front, which adds to their exclusivity and desirability. With a diameter of 26 mm and a weight of 2.2 gm, these coins not only serve as a testament to India’s numismatic past but also hold potential value for collectors.

These coins have a market value that varies from ₹400 to ₹400 in UNC (Uncirculated) condition, which makes them highly sought-after collectibles of significant worth. Owners of these coins have the chance to discover the market and potentially sell them to genuine buyers of old coins. The article offers a detailed manual that includes the coin’s specifications, historical background, and the procedure for selling them to interested dealers.

FAQs: Value of 20 Paise 1982-1997

Q: Are all 20 Paisa coins from 1982-1997 valuable?

A: The value of the 20 Paisa coins from 1982-1997 depends on factors such as condition and rarity. In UNC condition, they are generally considered valuable.

Q: Where can I find authentic old coin buyers for my 20 Paisa coins?

The article provides contact information for old coin buyers, ensuring a reliable avenue for those looking to sell their coins.

Q: What makes the 20 Paisa coin unique in terms of design and inscription?

The coin features the inscription “World Food Day” and showcases the Ashoka Pillar on the obverse, making it distinctive and historically relevant.

Q: How can I determine the condition of my 20 Paisa coin?

The article mentions that coins in UNC (Uncirculated) condition are highly valued. Examining factors like wear, scratches, and overall appearance can help assess the condition.

Q: Are there other coins from the same period that hold similar value?

Yes, there are other coins from the same period that hold similar value.

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