3 Paise coin Value Price from 1964 to 1971

Do you want to know the 3 Paise coin 1964 to 1971 price in India? Get all details of 3 paise coin value and 3 paise coin information that will help you to sell old coins at reasonable price to old coin buyer.

Here, in this article, we are going to learn about all specification and value of 3 paisa coin (1964-1971) with 3 paise coin sell contact number.

3 Paise coin Value
3 Paise coin

3 paise coin information

The 3 paise old coin was issued in India from 1964 to 1971. This paisa of 3 coin has unique features. It was minted with Alluminium series issued 1964 onwards. 3 paise coin price in India is high because this coin come in the least of rare coins in India list. It has a hexagonal shape with diameter 21mm and weight 1.2 grams. Its standardized circulation design reflects the historical context of the early old currencies of India of 20th centuries.

Here are the complete details of the 3 paise coin 1964:

Issued BYRBI
Type of CoinStandard circulation coin
Published Year1964 – 1971
Material UsedAluminum
Diameter21 mm
Weight1.2 gm
Face Value3 Paise
Current Value Price📞917719184946📞919038807500

3 Paise Coin Price in India

3 paisa old coins are very rare and comes in the list of valuable old currencies in India. If you are interested to know the current value of 3 paise coin issued by reserve bank of India from 1964 to 1971, you need go do a well research or read this article carefully.

If you already have any coins, this is a great article for you. Here we clearly discussed your coin and its significance and the current market value of the old coin, which you can sell out your coin to the authentic old coin buyer.  Here are the complete details about the end-to-end process of selling the old coin to the dealer and the contact information of the old coin buyer.

How to sell 3 Paise from 1964 to 1966

If you have this type of coin, its face value is only 3 Paisa, but actually the current coin bazaar market buying this coin at a high auction price. If you want to sell it, follow the below steps:

  • Send coin images to old coin buyer whatsapp number 917719184946
  • Ask for evaluation and current price
  • Follow the registration process by sending a few details and address proof.
  • Call if you are interested in bargaining or having any doubt.
  • Verify if coin buyers are genuine or not.
  • Make a deal and sell your coin.

3 Paise Coin Value 1966 to 1971

3 Paise Coin and MintFineVery fineUNC
1964 (Bombay mint)₹10₹15₹30 to ₹35
1964 (Calcutta Mint)₹30₹60₹15 to ₹20
1966 Bombay, Calcutta₹10₹15₹25 to ₹30
1966 Hyderabad₹20₹50₹80 to ₹100
1967 Bombay, Calcutta₹10₹15₹25 to ₹30
1967 Hyderabad₹20₹50₹130 to ₹150
1968 Bombay, Hyderabad₹10₹15₹25 to ₹30
1968 Calcutta₹10₹20₹45 – ₹50
1969 Bombay₹15₹25₹45 – ₹50
1969 Hyderabad₹25₹50₹90 – ₹110
1977-1978₹10₹15₹20 to ₹25
1970₹25₹50₹65 to ₹75
1971₹10₹15₹25 to ₹30

Conclusion for 3 Paise coin Value Price

At the end, we can say that the old currencies is a great investment and many people have earn money after selling old coin of 3 paise to old coin buyer contact number. Here, we put our best to provide you all important information regarding the 3 paise old coin issued in 1964-71. It is antique and rare coin of India and that is why high in demand in coin market. Call at our coin expert at contact number 917719184946 to know more details or sell this coin.

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