10 Paise coin value price 1983-1993

In this article, we will learn the 10 paise coin value price and important information of this coin that was issued in republic India in 1983 for the first time. What we are going to know in this post are – 10 paisa coin specification, 10 paisa coin value price, 10 paise information and other important details that will help you in selling this coin in coin bazar.

10 Paise Coin Value Information

In 1983, a new version of the 10 paise coin was issued by RBI, India with updated design and specifications, while the casting metal remained largely unchanged. In 1988, this new version of the 10 paise coins were issued by government with features like a smaller size and steel structure. Today, this 10 paisa coin can give you a good price in return when selling to old coin buyer.

Let’s identify the 10 paise coin and its specifications, and the corresponding recent old coin market value.

10 paise coin value
10 paise coin value

10 Paise Old Coin Specification

Here are the complete details about the 10 Paise Old Coin

Issued byRBI
Type of CoinStandard circulation coin
Published Year1983 – 1993
Material UsedAluminum-magnesium
Diameter23.03 mm
Weight1.76 gm
Face Value10 Paise
Current Value📞917719184946
10 paise coin value specification

The recently released 10 paise coins exhibit a more streamlined design with a reduced size and weight in comparison to their predecessors. The earlier aluminum coins had a weight of 2.3 grams, whereas the current ones are lighter at 1.76 grams. Furthermore, the diameter of the previous aluminum coins measured 25.9mm, while the newly introduced coins have a smaller diameter of 23.03mm.

10 Paise Coin Value 1983 – 1993

During the 1980s and 1990s, 10 paise coins were widely circulated, but their prevalence has diminished significantly in the contemporary Indian market. Despite being largely out of circulation, these coins still possess some intrinsic value.

If you happen to possess any of these coins, this article provides valuable insights into their historical significance and the current market value. It serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals looking to sell their old +coins to reputable buyers. The article covers the entire process of selling these coins to dealers, offering detailed information on the transaction. Additionally, it provides contact details for trustworthy old coin buyers.

10 Paise Coin Value  from 1983 to 1993

Published Year and MintVery FineExtra fineUNC
10 Paise Coin 1983 – 1984₹5₹10₹15 to ₹20
10 Paise Coin 1985₹5₹10₹15 to ₹20
10 Paise Coin 1985 Hyderabad Mint₹15₹20₹25 to ₹30
10 Paise Coin 1986₹5₹10₹5 to ₹10
10 Paise Coin 1986 Hyderabad Mint₹15₹20₹25 to ₹30
10 Paise Coin 1987,1988,1989₹5₹10₹15 to ₹20
10 Paise Coin 1990 Bombay Mint₹50₹80₹100 to ₹110
10 Paise Coin 1991₹5₹10₹15 to ₹20
10 Paise Coin 1991 Calcutta Mint₹15₹20₹25 to ₹30
10 Paise Coin 1993₹50₹80₹100 to ₹110
10 paise coin value price list

How to sell 10 Paise from 1983 to 1993

If you have this type of coin, its face value is only 10 Paisa, but actually the current coin bazaar market buying this coin at a high auction price. If you want to sell it, follow the below steps:

  • Send coin images to old coin buyer whatsapp number 917719184946
  • Ask for evaluation and current price
  • Follow the registration process by sending a few details and address proof.
  • Call if you are interested in bargaining or having any doubt.
  • Verify if coin buyers are genuine or not.
  • Make a deal and sell your coin.

Conclusion of 10 paise Coin value price

In summary, the article delves into the historical context of the 10 Paise coin series issued in India from 1983 to 1993. Noteworthy for changes in design and materials, particularly the transition from aluminum-magnesium to steel, these coins bear historical significance. The piece underscores the distinctive features of the newer coins, such as reduced size and weight. Despite their diminishing presence in the Indian market, these coins still hold value, presenting opportunities for collectors to sell them to interested buyers. The article enhances practical understanding by providing a detailed breakdown of values based on mint years.

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