10 Paise Coin 1988-1998 Value Price

In this article, we are going to learn about the 10 Paise Coin 1988-1998 Value, its complete information, its current value price list and other specification.

10 Paise Coin 1988-1998 Value Price

10 Paise Coin 1988-1998 Specification

10 paise coin issued by Reserve bank of India in 1988 under government of India has a great specification and features that make the coin specific. This coin was first time minted by stainless steel metal with diameter 16 mm. The listed details and information of the 10 paise coin 1988 to 1998 are as below:

Minted byRBI India
Type of CoinStandard circulation coin
Published Year1988 and 1998
Material UsedStainless Steel
Diameter16 mm
Weight1.75 gm
Face Value10 Paise
Current Pricecontact us
10 Paise Coin 1988-1998 Value

The 10 paise coin issued by the Reserve Bank of India in 1988-1998 is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 16 mm. It weighs 1.75 grams and features a unique circular design. The coin holds a face value of 10 paise and was in circulation in India during the mentioned period.

10 Paise Coin 1988-1998 value price

Do you know the value of 10 Paise coins from 1988 -1998? then let me tell you that these coins are scarce and valuable coins nowadays. That you should collect for your big opportunity. 

This is a great article for you if you already have any coins. Here we clearly discussed your coin and its significance and the current market value of the old coin, which you can sell out your coin to the authentic old coin buyer.  Here are the complete details about the end-to-end process of selling the old coin to the dealer and the contact information of the old coin buyer.

Coin Value of 10 Paise  of 1988 – 1998 Price List

Published Year and MintVery FineExtra fineUNC
10 Paise Coin 1988 Bombay Mint₹15₹20₹30
10 Paise Coin 1988 Hyderabad, Calcutta Mint₹25₹30₹50
10 Paise Coin 1988 Noida, Ottawa Mint₹5₹10₹15
10 Paise Coin 1989 Bombay Mint₹15₹20₹30
10 Paise Coin 1989 Calcutta Mint₹20₹25₹50
10 Paise Coin 1989 Hyderabad, Noida Mint₹5₹10₹15
10 Paise Coin 1990 Bombay, Hyderabad, Noida Mint₹5₹10₹15
10 Paise Coin 1990 Calcutta Mint*₹150*₹200*₹350*
10 Paise Coin 1991 Calcutta Mint₹20₹25₹50
10 Paise Coin 1991 Hyderabad, Noida Mint₹5₹10₹15
10 Paise Coin 1992 Noida Mint₹20₹25₹50
10 Paise Coin 1993 Hyderabad Mint₹10₹15₹30
10 Paise Coin 1996 Bombay, Calcutta Mint₹25₹30₹50
10 Paise Coin 1996 Noida Mint₹5₹10₹15
10 Paise Coin 1997 Bombay Mint₹150₹200₹450
10 Paise Coin 1988-1998 Value Price list

How to sell 10 Paise Coin 1988-1998

If you have this type of coin, its face value is only 10 Paise Coin 1988-1998, but actually the current coin bazaar market buying this coin at a high auction price. If you want to sell it, follow the below steps:

  • Send coin images to old coin buyer whatsapp number 917719184946
  • Ask for evaluation and current price
  • Follow the registration process by sending a few details and address proof.
  • Call if you are interested in bargaining or having any doubt.
  • Verify if coin buyers are genuine or not.
  • Make a deal and sell your coin.

Conclusion: 10 Paise Coin 1988-1998 Value

In conclusion, the article provides valuable insights into the 10 Paise coin series issued between 1988 and 1998 in India. Crafted from stainless steel and featuring a circular design, these coins are scarce and hold significant value in the contemporary collector’s market. The article offers a comprehensive breakdown of values based on mint years and conditions, providing collectors with a practical guide to assess the market worth of their coins. The emphasis on the scarcity and value of these coins suggests that they present a unique opportunity for collectors to build or enhance their numismatic collections.

FAQs: 10 Paise Coin 1988-1998 Value

Q: Why are 10 Paise coins from 1988 to 1998 considered scarce and valuable?

A: The article highlights the scarcity of these coins in the contemporary market, contributing to their significant value among collectors.

Q: What is the significance of the changes in mint years and locations for the 10 Paise coins in determining their value?

A: Different mint years and locations are associated with varying values, as outlined in the price list. This reflects factors such as rarity and historical importance.

Q: Why does the article mention different mints like Bombay, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Noida, and Ottawa for the 10 Paise coins?

A: These mints represent different locations where the coins were produced, and the article details the values associated with each mint, providing collectors with a comprehensive understanding of the market.

Q: Are 10 Paise coins from specific years or mints more valuable than others?

A: Yes, the price list in the article breaks down the values based on the mint year and location, indicating variations in the market worth of coins from different years and mints.

Q: How can collectors sell their 10 Paise coins from 1988 to 1998, and does the article provide contact information for potential buyers?

A: Yes, the article offers an end-to-end process for selling old coins to dealers and provides contact information for authentic old coin buyers, facilitating a smooth selling process for collectors.

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